[Competition] Learning Windows 8 Game Development

My Book

Learning Windows 8 Game Development

Thanks to Packt Publishing, I have three digital copies of my new book Learning Windows 8 Game Development to give away. For those who aren’t familiar with the book, I work through developing games for Windows 8 using C++ and some great libraries that are available for the platform. In it we look at what goes into a game, and how to make use of DirectXTK to make game development even easier. From there we take a look at the new features of Windows 8 that may be useful to you as a game developer.

For more information on the book, head over to the book website: http://www.packtpub.com/learning-windows-8-game-development/book

All you need to do to win a copy is head to the book website, take a look at the book info and table of contents and let me know which of the topics covered by the book interest you the most. Let me know by leaving a comment here, or tweeting your entry to @quandtm.

You have until the 1st of January 2014 to get your entry in. After that, three winners will be chosen randomly and I’ll be in contact to sort out the prizes.

Twitter Entries: You need to ensure that you are following my account so that I can contact you via Direct Message if you win.

  • Chris Bordeman

    As a former XNA developer, the DirectX intro in Chapeter 1 is interesting to me.

  • Eugene Popovych

    All chapters are great but chapter 4 about gameplay is most interesting for me as I am newbie in game development.

  • Ivaylo Gergov

    Chapter 4: Adding the Play in the Gameplay

  • Dimitar Dimitrov

    Chapter 9: Monetization

  • gudmundurjon

    Chapter 4: Adding the Play in the Gameplay

  • Bart

    Appendix: Adding the Third Dimension

  • Eochaid

    Chapter 5: Tilting the World

  • Keitau

    Chapter 7: Playing Games with Friends

  • Andrew Lee

    Both Chapter 2 and 3 pique my interest. I’m unfamiliar with DirectXTK and am curious to learn about it. And Chapter 3 sounds comprehensive with covering pointers, keyboard and controller input. Thanks for having this contest!

  • Dr. Dornon

    All seem interesting, but for me, Chapter 7 seems to be the most interesting. Adding multiplayer can be a great addition to a game and can be very hard to implement, but it seems that chapter really covers it.

  • Gert Meijer

    Just started making my own game for school so Chapter 4 is probably the most interesting for me. Chapter 7 looks interesting as well if i want to add multiplayer support.

  • David Voller

    For me, chapter 2 looks interesting. I’m specifically interested in 2d game development. I’m very interested in how I can use DirectXTK to help create my first simple game!