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Blogging from Word 2010

Just trying out the blogging features in Word 2010. Previously I used Live Writer for blogging, however there are some nice features like Insert Screenshot in Word 2010 that I would like to use.

I am almost done with the LPP article, just one more section and the sample to finish. If you are interested in more timely and fast updates, follow me on twitter: @quandtm

One thing I am missing from Writer is tag support, if anyone knows how to get it in Word, please let me know; or conversely if you know of a great plugin for automatically taking and inserting screenshots of the desktop for writer, let me know as well. (I know about the snipping tool, I currently use it, but it has a few steps in between that I don’t really want)

Disqus Comments Added

Just letting everyone know I added Disqus commenting to this site, so if you have a profile with them, use that, otherwise they offer many other ways to login via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc.

This adds some more commenting features, and should make the experience better overall. All previous comments should have imported correctly into Disqus.

A Note on Sample Code

Just a quick note about the sample code download for the current Light Pre Pass tutorial, and probably future tutorials. I am in the process of cleaning up and commenting the code, and hope to have it out really soon. I am to have a complete tutorial with all the information on the page, however in some cases I don’t explicitly provide every bit of code, to prevent the tutorial from becoming too long.

As this implementation and sample is a part of my own engine, I need to split the code from the main project and ensure it is readable and in a suitable educational state. This should not take too long, so if you are watching this blog, I will post when this code is available, and link to it in the original article as well.

Sorry for any inconvenience, I hope the article will satisfy your LPP needs in the meanwhile. As usual if you have any questions, post them in the comments of the respective article and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Blogs have posts you say?

Just finished up all of my assignments for this semester, next up is the exam period. What does that have to do with posting on this blog? Well I find I get more done in the lead up to, and right after exam period, so I hope to put some or all of that here. I have also been working with some others in Dark Omen Games to help get Nebulon ready for XBLCG. A gameplay trailer is on the blog and we hope to get the game through peer review some time in June or July. I have also been considering another project that I will announce if it gets started, also done with the others at Dark Omen Games.

[Edit: Might as well embed the trailer here – Enjoy!]

Future Plans

As I mentioned in the last post, I could not move the Vectors/Scalars post over without too much issue, so I decided to drop it and instead rewrite it later, also taking into account suggestions I received about its contents. I am considering experimenting with presenting it in a video form where I can explain it better than in a written form.

I also intend to expand it into a series where I will cover the basics for 3D math/objects like what tangents and normals are, as well as an overview of Trigonometry. (Probably as a side video)

I hope to start on these soon, and I am also looking into working on some samples/tutorials for XNA, and maybe even native Direct3D10. I also have some plans for a game I would like to make, but that may take a backseat to everything else + University.

Finally thanks to the nice people at MS Press Australia, I have a copy of Windows via C/C++ 5th Edition to give away with an upcoming review of the same book. I need to consider how I will do this, but expect more information then. (Also if you have suggestions, feel free to contact me via comments, Twitter or email.

Blog Move

Update: It appears that there are some issues with the ISAPI filter and rewriting all the possible URL combos that WordPress needs. I hope to move to an apache install soon, at which point this will be over. The current permalinks will always work, and hopefully I can have cleaner ones in future.

I have taken the time to move over my most valuable and still relevant posts (okay its just the Halo Wars review) to my new WordPress installation. I needed to move from a .Net solution as I am not sure if I will be staying with this host in the coming months, and the software was causing me too many issues to deal with at the moment.

I have already setup a redirect for the Halo Wars post, and am working on a redirect for the RSS feed in the meanwhile.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, please be sure to update your RSS reader and any bookmarks.

I hope to rewrite the Scalars and Vectors tutorial some time soon, I had some issues with how I wrote it previously and wanted to add some more examples to it.